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before the talks broke down. we have the quotes. john boehner said to obama, quote, i put $800 billion in tax revenue on the table. what do i get for that? allegedly we understand president obama came back to him and said, you get nothing. i get that for free. you get nothing. >> there were a couple eye-opening quotes. a "wall street journal" story before christmas that went through the timeline of how this happened between painer and the president -- boehner and the president. boehner put the rough knee on the table and the president saying that's what i get out of the gate. you get nothing for that, which was a surprise to the speaker. he said if we go over the cliff, that the president threatened boehner, he said i will use my inaugural address to blame you for tax increases and for the fiscal cliff going overboard. that brings out pretty big guns when it comes to a president's bully pulpit. if atlantes to use that to play politics, that's significant. >> i have to bring this up. but how did they get to the point where the speaker tried to bring a vote to his caucus to be rejected?
that remain here first to help the people. >>eric: you met president obama a couple of days after the hurricane? >>guest: i met president obama, yes. they had him up an miller field. the mayor's office had picked a few people to go up there and when you got to the tent they told you to make believe you were going around shopping for supplies so when the president came in he would see the victims looking for stuff. they have to realize, the victims were not up there every day getting supplies. people were in their house taking down, taking out the water and the sheet rock and taking down their walls. they were doing stuff in their house and they were not up there. i told the president this was staged, and the governor just came and the mayor, that is the first time i seen them on staten island or anywhere. they didn't walk an my block. they went to a certain area and that was it. so, they have to grow up and say, you know what, we dropped the ball we messed up. i asked the president, you promised to cut the red tape and he said what do you mean? and i told them about bank of americ
it the obama cliff and said we should swan dive over the cliff because it would be one thing democrats could get through their head when they cut spending. >> i agree completely. this is crazy that we're even having that discussion, eric. august spending 256-171 the ryan budget was passed extending tax relief for all americans. 19 democrats voted for that. it was handed to mr. reid, mr. obama starting the warfare about taxing the rich. reid sat on the bill. why didn't he bring it up for a vote? why didn't it get fair debate? mr. reid hasn't passed a budget and we going to believe they're serious about the fiscal problems? let's go offense the cliff. >> we have two cameras outside the white house right now. that one i believe is perched on pennsylvania avenue and we have another camera which is perched facing the side entrance. those are the suvs that likely boehner, mcconnell, pelosi and reid will come out of. let's talk about the deal. what if there's a deal, craig, for, i don't know, say 4 hr $500,000 the threshold of who gets taxes and who keeps -- everybody under that number keeps their
: it depends what happens. if they vote for raising taxes half as much as obama wants it ruins what we stand for because we stand if limited government and less taxation. to we go halfway or we split the difference, then, both parties have their hands on it and we go in recession it will be confusing. but i want to be the party of lower taxes and limited government and if we go halfway or become president obama lite or democrat lite, that is not why i ran for office. >>neil: we appreciate you stopping by. senator rand paul. maybe presidential candidate, we don't know. that is another interview. we have a lot more coming up including marco rubio weighing in on the debate. and chris van hollen and in the face of the michigan protests. the president has said this is about the middle class and traveled to michigan to illustrate 9 point. does he have a point? ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $34
is the way to go, the problem is in most of europe it means higher taxes, obama wants to give us the bad part of europe, without the good part. >>neil: thank you very much. they are not cutting anything. just slowing the growth. rebound and former president bill clinton hitting the links. this is a photo from last year. what we don't know what was said teen them this year my guest homes the former president was critiquing more than just his successor's swing. art laffer was the top reagan economic adviser and you voted twice for bill clinton because his prosecutor mix of taxes. explain that? >>guest: yes i sure did. but for the raise hikes at top end, he cut taxes on the working people between ages of 65 and 72. he cut taxes on trade and products. he cut government spending as a share g.d.p. dramatically and he cut the capital gains tax rate and butt in welfare reform. what do you want from a president that bill clinton did not deliver? he was a great president. >>neil: the investment taxes was that concurrent with what was going on in the income tax hike front? >>guest: no. it was not. the c
policy which shows this economy is not on the right track. >> what do you think about president obama cutting his vacation short, coming back in, maybe to fix something he broke in the first place? >> well, when you sit back and look at where we are with our economy, the amount of debt we've incurred, the fact we've had four straight years of trillion dollars plus deficits, when the president says he wants to raise taxes on those $250,000 or above, that only generates $850 billion over the next ten years. we have had 1.422, 1.29 and on the way to another trillion dollars deficit for these years. what the president is proposing is not pragmatic whatsoever and really is a reflection of him i suppose living in a fantasy world. >> what do you think the deal that speaker boehner offered the president? >> well, i was against the plan b because i don't see this as being a tax revenue increase issue. most important is spending. we could georgia back -- go back to the simpson bowles commission. the most important thing, we have to deal with spending. we live in an america where the federal gov
a spending problem. not a revenue problem. if you look at raiding taxes on millionaires, president obama campaigned on increasing taxes on the millionaires and billionaires so now if you make $200,000 you are a millionaire or a billionaire. even if you do that the revenue you gain if that is not going to get us out of the problems. so here in the real world there is not a lot hope that anything that reaches, comes close to sanity will take place in washington. >>neil: what do you think of the vote among the republican caucus on the tax hikes, to millionaires in this case? anyone who votes for that, do you remember or do you vow retribution? >>guest: the feeling with most tea party members across country, there are 43 million of us, the only people that like us less than the democrats are the republicans. we say what boehner did with the committee chairs that held fast to tea party principles. in 2014, look, i was here after boehner was elected speaker in 2010 when the republicans returned to power and we didn't have high hopes for the republicans then. the feeling we have is that no one
? there are so many questions that are still unanswered. and it is tell. obama said he would cut the red tape and there hasn't been any red tape cut. any. fema is getting more money from the government if they are getting month money from the government they should write the checks out. >>neil: we will watch it closely. thank you. . you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. >>neil: to michigan, protesters not stopping republicans from approving right-to-work legislation that stopped you from forcing non-union workers to pay dues and could become law by next wednesday with my next guest's signature. does business ring a bell? this is the governor of michigan. >> we will get it done. it is important because it is about being pro worker, we have hard people, hard work people in union and they should be able to decide whether to join a union or not. it is not about employers or collective bargain. people should have the opportunity to say they want to belong or not. second, this ca
with obama's health care rather than 43 percent, that is a sigh of relief. especially older people with fix the investment living east dividends. the big question to wall street is the debt ceiling. they are negotiating three month pause or one year pause. can you imagine how much deficit spending we can get in a year without a cap? >> i am thinking the stock market is because we have hours before the i ball drops, the calm before the storm and watch out wednesday. what do you think in. >> well, watch out wednesday, that is the point. if you look at market the last two weeks, people have been selling ahead of the deal so it is a sell the news type of issue. charles hit the point on the head. this is not a tax issue whether it is $450,000 or $500,000 or $1 million. it is the spending issue. the democrats want to raise the debt ceiling and do not want spending cuts cuts and no sequestration. >> what will happen on wednesday? >> again, i want to caution the stock market will not be the best barometer. >> why? i thought the message was always in the markets especially the interest rate. rates w
are coming. some of the tax increases that go along with obama health care tax increases will dramatically hurt the economy so i help they take a stand and are not fooled into an idea that the public will give them more backing next time. that is far far-fetched. one side cannot put up legitimate things immediately and the other site putting up i.o.u. >>neil: if you think any deal is better than no deal, think again, to charles' point, he says markets are good at selling off on the shams when they do. what do you make of the possibility that we could look at something that is very like what we saw last year, the trigger being not spending cuts this time but tax hikes, will it make a difference? >> it will be a disaster. here is what will happen. they push off the spending cuts until next year, when they start talking about it next year they will say push it off until after the election. then we are talking about another year where they don't do anything and the storms will get nervous, the financial markets will be nervous and that could be good if the markets started silling off to send w
insurance. for everything that matters most. adt. always there. >> give president obama a heartfelt message from the good people of south carolina. hit the road, jack! and don't you come back no more no more no more. thank you. >>neil: rebel that from the republican convention? he can't sing. but that did not step tim scott from making history because the south carolina republican congressman will soon be south carolina's newest senator tapped by the governor to replace senator demint in the new year. he will be the first african-american senator if the south since, get this, reconstruction. protectly historic, pretty big. but do this "new york times" writer, petty. modern black republicans have been more tokens than sign of progress. could they get more specific? reaction, now, from senator designate tim scott. congressman, i don't know what you scale you? congratulations? >>guest: tim is a good one. thank you very much. >>neil: what did you think of the editorial you are making history and here they are getting all snippy? >>guest: well, i thought it was funny. there is no content or subs
that yesterday. speaker boehner and president obama spoke yesterday for the first time in a week. for the first time, we're actually getting some discussions. of course, this doesn't necessarily mean they will solve them tonight. but they are talking about it. >> neil: rich, if you could have played along with the theme. you mentioned they spoke yesterday. it argued we respond immediately to the top of my show, superhero proposals. >> the new lines of communication are now open because of the top of the show and the news came out during your show. >> neil: good answer. sandra, in all seriousness, now they have to bring what appear to be significant gap. time wasting. >> time is wasting. who shocks me is the market is floating higher despite at all. >> neil: what if we don't get a deal? >> the market want to deal because they want to move on. they don't like the urn certainty. the cliche, the markets that it uncertainty. we heard that about the election, too. stocks went nowhere for a while. even is in a wait and see mode. payment have done things to alter taxes. the business and the market comm
do you make of president obama coming to your state and clearly disagreed with what you said? this is the president a couple of days ago. >> the so-called right-to-work laws do not have to do with economics by have to do with politics. they are really talking about giving you the right-to-work for less money. >>neil: what do you think of that? >>guest: well, two things. the last comment about working for less money is about collective bargaining, and that is not the issue. the second piece, in terms of looking at the worker side, this is pro worker, stepping up not about politics but stepping up to say, isn't it only fair that workers should only have to put up their hard earned dollars to something they see value for and if the value doesn't exist, they shouldn't is to contribute. again, that burden should really be on the union side to put together a value proposition that is exciting, worthwhile, and hopefully they can convince workers to say it is great to be part of the organization and people want to join and if they did they would on the same place they are at today. >
, so i'm very hopeful that john boehner and president obama, the speaker and the president, and i'm -- are talking a way to get us to an agreement that congress can consider and hopefully pass so america will have the confidence that we have placed ourselveses on a fiscally sustainable path for the long-term. that's what america wants. >> neil: so you're not of the view some of your colleagues are, go ahead and risk the cliff because we can -- that is democrats, hatch together something to our liking? >> look, clearly both sides can argue if you go over the cliff or the slope, that's not going to happen. it's not harry and louise, thelma and louise. but certainly i believe and i know leader pelosi believes that going over the cliff, so to speak, will have adverse consequences for the economy and confidence the world has in it and we shouldn't do that. we want an agreement. i'm not one of those advocating as a strategy going over the cliff. >> neil: a lot of your colleagues, including the congressional black caucus and nancy pelosi says cool it with entitlements. don't go after the
obama is as serious as they would like to see him on spending cuts. the white house tells me the lines of communication are open and they are still negotiating but the democrats thing a deal is closer now than republicans do. >>neil: obviously they aware in this environment you do thought want to look like you are pointing fingers and come maining. that makes it incumbent upon the republicans and the democrats to look like they are trying, which could explain why, today, they would be dealing? >>guest: they don't want to be pointing fingers at each other and they want did get a deal done and they don't want to hear a lot of criticism from their base. we have seen the club for growth and tea party groups are criticizing speaker boehner for this idea he is willing to give on tax rates but they don't want to hear the complaints. as we go to the next week, we will hear more from 9d base because they don't want to see the president give up more on spending cuts or entitlement reform so a lot of this is going on behind closed doors and we are not giving them the details. >>neil: what do you
, this is a breakthrough and we will get a deal because of there and they talk to obama and harry reid and come back, sorry, and that is for political reasons. >>neil: it is one thing for the president using the shooting to say we have to address violence in our society but i do want to talk about now he is trying to say that the prevailing mood that exists in this country does not allow, i think, for much debate or opposition so either go along with me or you look like you are not in sync with the public mood. that is a --. >>guest: it is worse than that. he is inferring go along with me or you are creating more havoc for the deaths of the poor children. >>neil: what he is saying, congressman, given the mood we are all coming together, the party coming together is for republicans to field and creed do -- cede to his wishes. >>guest: obviously i have a huge problem with that charles allude asked he mentioned the s&p said we are too ineffective in congress, actually, what they said is, you either cut $4 trillion over 10 years or you will be downgraded and they kept their word because we did not cut $4 trill
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)